LEEREFF Investment Loan Types

Two different loan types are available under LEEREFF, which are largely differentiated by the complexity of the investment project planned and by the loan volume required.

Standard Investment Loans

Standard Loans are for investments in EE and/or RE technologies ranging from EUR 40,000 to EUR 250,000. Standard investments follow a fast-track assessment procedures based on a pre-defined List of Eligible Technologies (LET), which fulfill the eligibility requirements of the LEEREFF Facility. These investments result in straightforward energy savings and emissions reductions.

Currently the following technology categories are covered:
– Thermal Insulation
– Motors
– Renewable Energy
– Lighting
– Monitoring and Control Systems
– Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems (HVAC)
– Compressed Air System

The limits for standard investments are

  • EUR 40,000 to EUR 100,000 for investments in a single technology
  • Up to EUR 250,000 for investments in multiple technologies

Because LEEREFF loans cover up to 80% of the investment, the actual loan amounts start from EUR 32,000 up to a maximum of EUR 200,000.

Non-Standard Investment Loans

Non-Standard loans are for investments non-LET based starting from EUR 40,000 up to EUR 15 million in EE, RE and Green Building projects.

Typical investment projects, which can be financed by Non-Standard loans may include:

  • Investments in complex industrial or commercial Energy Efficiency improvements, including production processes
  • Sustainable energy improvements of existing commercial buildings
  • Installation of Co-generation plants
  • Renewable Energy projects, including Wind, Biomass, Hydro Power, Geothermal, Solar Power
  • Green Buildings: New buildings can be financed as long as they meet the criteria of LEED platinum or Gold Standard (or equivalent certification scheme)

Non-Standard investments follow a more complex technical assessment, which might include an Energy Audit, and site visits.  This approach is designed to demonstrate project feasibility and its compliance with the environmental, social and procurement policies of the EIB and AFD.

Because LEEREFF loans cover up to 80% of the investment, the actual loan amounts start from EUR 200,000 up to a maximum of EUR 12,000,000.  Investment loans for Green Buildings have lower maximum loan limits.

who can apply?

All private enterprises, firms, businesses, sole proprietors or other private legal entities formed under the laws of Lebanon and operating in Lebanon, including Energy Service Company (ESCO), may apply for a LEEREFF loan, as long as their business activities are not in conflict with the EIB/AFD rules of exclusion. ESCOs should ensure that the energy performance contract includes a guarantee for a certain percentage of energy savings and that the loan incentives made available to the ESCO are at least partially passed on to the end-user. Excluded from LEEREFF financing are companies that conduct business in gambling, real estate with the aim of making profit on sales in the short and medium term, the manufacture, supply or trade in arms, and all other activities excluded by the EIB and/or AFD (check here for a full list of exclusions)

terms and conditions

LEEREFF provides favourable terms and conditions with interest rates subsidized by BDL and long loan tenures. The basic terms are:

  • Interest Rate: X% fixed for the entire duration of the loan
  • Loan Tenure: Up to 15 years
  • Grace Period: Up to 4 years

Furthermore LEEREFF might be combined with other subsidized funding sources.

Please contact your bank for further details.

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