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How to apply?

You want to finance your investment with a low-interest LEEREFF loan? We would be glad to assist you in the preparation of your investment project and help you to identify the optimal solutions for your energy needs. Please contact us to arrange a personal meeting.

  • LEEREFF Hotline: 01 389 588
  • LEEREFF E-Mail:
It is very simple to apply for a LEEREFF loan:
  1. Fill the LEEREFF Application Form detailing the list of measures you wish to implement.
  2. Contact the company, which will supply and install the equipment and obtain a preliminary commercial proposal or pro-forma invoice.
  3. Submit your Application Form to the LEEREFF Partner Bank of your choice together with the technical documents as listed in the Table 3 below and with all other necessary documents as listed on the Partner Bank’s website.

If the LEEREFF Partner Bank wants to finance your project, they will send us your application for an eligibility assessment.

Technical documents to be shared with your LEEREFF Application

  1. – (Proforma) Invoices / Offers
  2. – Datasheets/brochures/technical documentation of products to be purchased.
  1. – (Proforma) Invoices / Offers
  2. – Datasheets/brochures/technical documentation of products to be purchased.
  3. – Technical studies and reports (e.g. energy audits, resource modelling for RE project)
  1. – Construction Plan/Design
  2. – Commitment letter (liability to reach certification level)
  3. – Permits, Licenses if relevant

Application for non-standard investment loan

The eligibility assessment of non-standard investments is based on a Project Assessment Report, which will be prepared by our LEEREFF engineers, based on site visits and supporting technical documents, such as:

  • Technical designs
  • Energy Audits or other technical studies
  • Resource modeling for RE projects
  • Supplier contract with technical specifications
  • Photo documentation
  • Equipment brochures

Our Technical Team will review your application documents and get in touch with you, if additional documents are required.


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Application for standard investment loan

The assessment process for standard investments follows a simplified procedure, which allows for fast track processing and loan approval. Standard investment loans are restricted to products and models, which have been pre-assessed by the LEEREFF team and are part of the LET.

If you want to apply for a standard investment loan, only use products, which are listed in the LET. If you want to invest in products, which are listed in the LET, only the preliminary commercial proposal or pro-forma invoice, but no additional technical document is required for your application.

If you wish to use equipment, which is currently not listed in the LET, please contact our office with details about your chosen make and model. Our engineers will evaluate your preferred technology for potential inclusion in the LET.