Standard Investment Loans

What are Standard Investment Loans?

Standard Loans are designed for more simple and smaller energy efficiency or renewable energy investments, with volumes of:

  • EUR 40,000 – EUR 100,000 for the implementation of individual technologies and equipment.
  • up to EUR 250,000 for the implementation of multiple technologies and equipment.

Standard loans can only be used to finance investments in Technologies, which are included in the List of Eligible Technologies (LET). The LEEREFF loan can cover 80% of the investment amount.

All technologies and equipment eligible under LEEREFF Standard Loans were assessed by the LEEREFF team. This gives investors the confidence that the equipment included in the LET is energy efficient and meets the eligibility criteria.

Which Technologies can be financed with a Standard Loan?

The equipment types currently included in our List of Eligible Technologies (LET) include the following solutions:

  • Thermal Insulation
  • Motors
  • Renewable Energy
  • Lighting
  • Monitoring and Control Systems
  • Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems (HVAC)
  • Compressed Air System

Click here to view our List of Eligible Technologies and to see where you can purchase these technologies in Lebanon.

Your preferred equipment is not included in our LET?

For items currently not listed, please contact the LEEREFF project office with product details and our team of engineers will evaluate the technology for possible inclusion in the LET. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • The investor and loan applicant should be a private enterprise, a firm, a business, a sole proprietor or another private legal entity formed under the laws of Lebanon and operating in Lebanon. 
  • Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) are eligible for a LEEREFF loan provided that the energy performance contracting – including a guarantee on a certain percentage of energy savings – signed between the ESCO and the end-user ensures that the loan. incentives made available to the ESCO are at least partially passed on to the end-user.
  • For Standard Loans, the equipment must be selected from the LEEREFF LET (see above).
  • Equipment currently not listed may be eligible, but should be assessed by LEEREFF engineers first.
  • All equipment financed under a Standard Loan must demonstrate a reduction in energy consumption of at least 20%.
  • LEEREFF can finance up to 80% of your investment cost. The remaining 20% can be supplemented by a conventional bank loan.
  • The investment should not be less than EUR 40,000 and up to €100,000 for financing of individual technologies or energy efficiency measures chosen from our list of pre-assessed technologies.  This results in LEEREFF loan amounts of EUR 32,000 – EUR 80,000.
  • For investments in multiple measures investments may go up to EUR 250,000.  This results in a maximum LEEREFF loan amount of EUR 200,000.

Application Process

Complete the LEEREFF Application Form

Check the LET for equipment choices, make your selection or contact the LEEREFF office with your request to add equipment


Contact the supplier of your choice and get a pro-forma invoice or supply contract for the chosen equipment


Take your Application Form and pro-forma invoice / supply contract to the LEEREFF Partner Bank of your choice and 

apply for your LEEREFF loan

What happens next?

  • The LEEREFF Partner Bank will validate the eligibility of your equipment choice on the internal LET system and will print the ELIGIBILITY CERTIFICATE.
  • The Partner Bank will submit your application and Eligibility Certificate to BDL with request for a subsidized and highly competitive LEEREFF loan.
  • BDL will quickly check the application and will get this approved by EIB.
  • BDL will make the funds for your project available to your bank, which will place the funds in your account.

Can you purchase the equipment before you have received the formal approval of BDL and EIB?

All projects are eligible fro LEEREFF financing as soon as your LEEREFF Partner Bank has submitted your application and Eligibility Certificate to BDL.

That means, in theory you can purchase the equipment at this point.

BUT BEWARE:  LEEREFF funding is only guaranteed AFTER the approval of BDL and EIB.  If your application is approved by BDL and EIB, you will receive the funding and can use this to pay for the equipment.  If your application is rejected by BDL and EIB, you will NOT receive LEEREFF financing and will have to pay for the equipment through other financing means.

Project Verification

This is part of the free-of-charge Technical Assistance.

The following documentation will be required for Project Verification (this may differ from project to project):

  • Invoices
  • Technical designs
  • Studies
  • Equipment certificates
  • Commissioning tests
  • Acceptance certificates
  • Guarantees
  • Service/Maintenance contracts
  • Evidence about provision of training to staff
  • Cost evidence according to the cost categories as per Loan Agreement
  • Evidence of payments according to invoice
  • Photo documentation

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