List of Eligible Technologies

Investments in standard Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy technologies represent the main interest in Green Technology improvements in Lebanon. For this purpose, LEEREFF assessed and pre-approved a vast number of suitable equipment and models, compiled in our List of Eligible Technologies (LET).  The list is updated on regular basis to include new technologies and models.

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LEEREFF Solutions by Sector Leaflets

The potential and importance of energy efficiency and renewable energy investments is well understood by companies in Lebanon, the full range of possibilities is frequently more elusive, especially the value added benefit resulting from combining various individual improvement measures.  To enable companies in Lebanon to consider their improvement potential within the frame of requirements specific to their industry, LEEREFF developed nine sector leaflets outlining industry specific energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities.

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Calculation tool

A calculation tool is available for potential investors to assess the savings opportunities resulting from a LEEREFF investment during their decision making process.  At present the calculation tool focuses on Solar PV investments.

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Case Studies

The full advantages of investments in green technologies is often best understood through examples. Case studies demonstrating how other companies did provide a deeper insight into different types of projects, demonstrating energy savings, cost benefits and positive environmental impact.

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