Who Can Apply?

who can apply?

LEEREFF supports private companies in realizing EE, RE and GB investments. All private enterprises, firms, business, sole proprietors or other private legal entities formed under the laws of Lebanon, operating and located in Lebanon can apply for a LEEREFF loan:

  • Production companies, ranging from large factories through to bakeries, small technical and crafts workshops
  • Service businesses, ranging from media companies, tourism companies through to hair dressing salons and dry cleaners
  • Sole proprietors
  • Any other private legal entity, including Energy Service Companies (ESCO). Note: ESCOs should ensure that the energy performance contract includes a guarantee for a certain percentage of energy savings and that the loan incentives made available to the ESCO are at least partially passed on to the end-user

The residential sector, individual households as well as public sector entities are not eligible for LEEREFF financing. Additionally, companies that conduct the following businesses are excluded:

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